Extreme Workout App!

Bring your climbing of the Manitou Incline to a new level. Track your climb on a realtime graph with your current location (with a pulsating marker beacon), realtime stats, and percent completed displayed along with verbal audio cues! The Manitou Incline trail ascends the mountain-side of Pikes Peak near Manitou Springs -- just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Name Time
1 personal image D6n1el 23:48.3
2 personal image isaiahvidal 27:13.9
3 personal image mwduncan 27:20.4

Update: Version 3 - With Leaderboards & Frequency Counts now available for free!

Latest release notes and bug reports

User's Guide

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Fly-Over Video

Leaderboards (coming soon!)
Real-time graphing of climbing progress.
Real-time display of distance traveled and elevation climbed (iPhone 5+ only)
Audio cues/directions upon 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% completion. Voice selection of either female (default) or male.
Ranked listing of climbing history.
Share most recent climb on Facebook and Twitter.
Email share option exports climb in GPX and KML (Google Maps & Earth) formats.


Version History

Manitou Incline App 3.0 TBD 2015

Adding leaderboards, Crashyltics, flat UI design, new menu and upgrade to iOS 8.

Manitou Incline App 2.0.1 July 22nd 2013

Adding GPS error checking and enhanced start and end zone experiences.

Manitou Incline App 2.0 July 1st 2013

Added auto-save upon finishing and adding more stats and views.

Manitou Incline App 1.0.2 May 21st 2013

Enhanced audio queues and minor bug fixes.

Manitou Incline App 1.0.1 May 7th 2013

Minor bug fixes.

Manitou Incline App 1.0 April 29th 2013

Initial release.