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3.0 Release

The 3.0 Manitou Incline App Release contains many improvements over the previous versions. The biggest is the intergration of a leaderboard into the app. This includes the ability to create and maintain a user profile and a two-way opt in friends list as well as push notifications. Frequency counts are also availabe if the climb is posted to the leaderboard. The following frequency intervals can be displayed: yearly, montly, weekly, and daily.

As with any app, there is issues and bugs to be fixed or enhancements to improve the app. We welcome user input to improve the quality of the app. Please use the above address to supply this information. The following issues have have been reported and the status of work is included.

Reported Description iOS Versions Status
1 10/2015 Broken support link in Info view. All Fixed in development version.
2 10/2015 Frequency filter in Leaderboard view crashes app. iOS 7 Fixed in development version. Widget not supported in iOS 7 or under.
CL-15 10/19/2015 Obscure issue: -[UIView(Hierarchy) removeFromSuperview]: EXC_BAD_ACCESS iOS 9 Under Investigation - Need more info.
CL-16 10/21/2015 Friends View: updateFriendSetting iOS 9 Under investigation.
3 10/23/2015 Failed to post climb error: iOS 9.0.2 Fixed. Due to AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'strptime'. Thanks to Tara Wilson for reporting this!
4 10/26/2015 When posting climb, error with initialization of stats for first time users. iOS 9.0.2 Fixed. Due to bad frequency reference
CL-17 11/7/2015 Crash when searching for leaderboard friend. iOS 9 Under investigation.

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