This app will allow the user to time his or her climb from the first step (referred to as the "target zone") and stop the timer upon reaching the top of the Incline (look for the last step with the elevation and number of steps etched in it). You can cancel the climb at any time but you need to return to the target zone to restart the timer.

Once the user starts a climb, an graph of the distance traveled versus elevation will be displayed with the current position being displayed. As the user climbs the Incline, the current location will be updated in real-time as well as the percent complete.

Each climb can be exported via email in GPX format or your time can be shared via Facebook or Twitter.

How long does it take to hike the Incline?

The time it takes one to ascend the 2691 or so steps depends. There are Olympic athletes and weekend warriors who frequent the Incline. There are reports of a tri-athlete, completing the feat in 16:42. Others report that it has taken them an hour and a half. Some who are very fit make it in under 30 minutes but many make it to the top in 40 to 60 minutes.

Note: GPS location and graph accuracy is dependent on the accuracy of the GPS radio on the iOS device. This can usually vary plus or minus 15 feet. Also the Incline distance traveled and elevation have been tested on various GPS devices, GPS software programs with several trials. The app is consistent with readings on a iOS GPS radio and may not be consistent with other sources of information about the length and elevation of the Incline that were taken from other sources or actually start and end from different locations.